Why Fujitec Maintenance?



Fujitec maintenance routes consists of ~68 units / mechanic


This approach allows us to effectively manage the time required to assess, diagnose and complete the necessary repairs that keep your system running



Industry’s highest number of dedicated maintenance hours


Firmly committed to “The Science of Service is Preventative Maintenance”



Fujitec maintenance portfolio contains ~12,000 units on service:


47% Fujitec equipment


53% Non-Fujitec equipment


We provide service in 18 locations in North America including:


Atlanta, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dallas, DC, Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto & Vancouver




Fujitec Technical Service Group (TSG) consists of National field engineers for Troubleshooting & Repairs a phone call away



Fujitec has the industry’s lowest callback rate per unit at less than 2 callbacks/unit/year

This means more uptime for your elevators and less billable invoices.